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Klefbom good to go, concussion fears ruled out

As Lowetide reported over at OilersNation, fears were that Oilers prospect Oscar Klefbom was injured (again). Klefbom got a shoulder-tackle to his chin (during a tough practice four days ago) which caused him losing his helmet and bumping his head on the ice without protection and suspicions were that the hit might have left Klefbom (a place on the never ending list of Oilers players..) with a concussion.

However, I managed to get a official word from Färjestads BK were they told me Klefbom is good to go.

Klefbom is ok. He was up at the office an hour ago and looked fit and fresh.

So there you have it.

Oh, and Klefbom was quoted the other day saying he’s looking forward to defending the cup with Färjestad. The Swedish Elite League kicks off this Thursday for Klefbom when Färjestad will take on their opponent from the 2010/11 SEL-finale, Skellefteå AIK. It looks like Klefbom will be ready if called upon, though I personally wouldn’t be all that surprised if he’s a healthy scratch the first one or two games considering his pre-season bruises. But lets hope he gets to see some action straight away.

And on another note. A look in to the future: Oilers 7 - Canucks 2. Hell yeah it was worth staying up all night to watch a rookie game.
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