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Birth of The New Age-line and some random Lander-thoughts

Yesterday we saw a look into the future. We’ve done it before when the Tre Kronor-line was put together in what may be a future line for the Oilers and we saw it tonight when Ryan Nugent-Hopkins were centering Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle. I call it the New Age-line.

Why the “New Age” you might think. Well, first off because I’m tired of the use of “kids line”, heard it before haven’t we.. secondly, we’re going into a new age, a new time for the Oilers (and all these three represents that), thirdly - the Oilers mean more to me than any other movement and to me, Oilers is my religion) and fourth (and here comes the long shot):
Try pronouncing Nu(gent)-H(all)-E(berle) or “Nu-H-e” and you get “New Age” (..well, close enough).

The New Age-line looked good yesterday and I was finally convinced RNH got what it takes to be an NHL’er as soon as the start of the season. With Gagner out RNH will be, if anyone ever doubted, here for, at the very least, 9 games. With Gagner out I also feel Lander should make the cut as he don’t have to get Omark’d. But Lander have somewhat struggled in the F/O-circle lately (so have RNH) and he needs to pick it up if he wants to make this team. But I could see RNH and Lander sticking around being tough by Belanger how to handle themselves in the NHL F/O-circle being a very good thing for the future. Either way, Lander is too good to keep out, Brule clearly needs to find his game before (and if) he’s becoming a regular in Edmonton again. Playing Brule and Lander every other game won’t harm either one of them.

I also stated yesterday on Twitter that Lander have asked for the number 51 jersey (currently held by Cornet), my source is Lander himself and the Swedish journalist that made her way over to YEG-country last week.

I told them (Oilers management) that I am interested in that number (51) and if I get to play in Oklahoma I’ll wear 51 there.

Lost in translation who knows.. but last season down in OKC no one wore a higher number than 39 so we’ll see how it goes.

Final though: I still like Fedun and hope he sticks for at least one more game..

PS. NHL GameCenter live is now open for European registrations! I’ve just registered myself.
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