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Dubnyk’s new mask. A replica of CUJO’s 95/96?

It sure would seem that way, if not there are definitely some striking similarities. Perhaps it comes as no surprise as his last mask was a replica of the good ol’ Bill Ranford (in my eyes are) classic cage. Dubnyk knows his Oilers history for sure.

Nyki Victoria, Video producer kindly enough promised me a video of the new mask which should hopefully pop up some time next week. So by then we’re going to hear Dubeys own explanation. Looking forward to that for sure.

Update: It would seem like I’m not the only one taking notice as Tom Gazzola also pointed the similarities out just a minute ago.

Update 2: Both me and Mr. Gazzola were wrong. Nyki delivered the answer when Dubnyk showed of his new mask in a newly posted video. The inspiration? Old Oiler Fred Brathwaite who also so happen to be a Dubnyk favorite. No wonder Dubey is wearing that #40 jersey, surely is has something to do with #40 being the number Brathwaite wore later on in his career.

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