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Latest on Klefbom: injured again? *

Brodin and KlefbomSince returning to Färjestad BK (from their junior team) Klefbom have been paired with fellow draftee Brodin and they’ve done good, very good. So good both of ‘em were in talks about being called up for Team Sweden (Tre Kronor) which is rare when it comes to Swedish junior D-prospects. Brodin eventually got the call but by the look of things Team Sweden head coach Pär Mårts have been really impressed with how Klefbom have performed and his maturity and if Oscar keeps playing like he have he may very well end up playing a game or three with the grownups before the season is over.

But, with no call from Team Sweden, Klefbom went on to play with Team Sweden U-20 instead. In the second game, “Småkronorna” (Swedish for “Little Crowns”, “Tre Kronor” means “Three Crowns” btw, referring to when the Swedish King was king over both Sweden, Norway and Denmark - history lesson of today) faced Russia and it would seem as if Klefbom might be out with a concussion. Finnish sports writer Sami Hoffrén told me:

Klefbom was hit to the head by a Russian forward and he had to leave the game. Didn’t play in the tournament after that hit. I assume Klefbom suffered a concussion.

As Mr. Hoffrén points out, Klefbom did not play in the last game (Sweden rocked Finland, 5-0!) but there have been no reports on Klefbom being injured. I’ve checked with the local media in Karlstad, the city of Färjestad BK, and they don’t know anything (and they usually do if there is something to report). I first took the news of Klefbom not playing as nothing more than that the coach wanted to have a look at other players but the input by Hoffrén is somewhat scary (I did not see the mentioned hit myself). This would be the second time this season Oilers second first round draft pick have suffered from a concussion like injury, or at the very least a heavy hit to the head and also the third time (see the scar on his thigh btw), just this season, Oscar Klefbom have suffered from an injury. Klefbom is an Oiler alright..

I will report more on this as soon as I have an update.


Bad news, I just managed to track down some official word on Oscar Klefbom and he did indeed suffer from a concussion in the game vs. Russia and with that put on “IR”. He won’t be following his team Färjestad BK on their coming roadtrip. 

Also thanks to Greg Atkins for making me focus on getting information on the subject..
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