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Omark: Returning to Sweden? No chance at all

Oilers Linus Omark who’s currently in Oklahoma City will be removing his cast today according to Barons coach Todd Nelson. Omark have also made a brief interview with the the Swedish local paper NSD where he made clear he won’t be returning to Luleå or Sweden this season.

Freely translated by my Swedish Oil brothers in arms, Juan (I suggest you give him a follow, there are two of us dumb Swedes).

"When you’re out this long, you realize how much you love hockey. It’s tough watching the others play. (I’ve done) upper body workout almost every day, and I’ve done a lot of [off-ice] shooting. We’ll see how much that will helped once I hit the ice. (The upper body workout) has made me stronger, but I’m not sure that’ll make me a better hockey player.

My goal has always been to play in the NHL - and it still is”.

And finally.. Omark on the possibility of him returning to Sweden this season:

"Well… to be honest, there is no chance at all."

If you haven’t already I also suggest you read my previous take on the matter, Omark haven’t even thought about heading back to Europe.

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