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Plante healthy scratch, in front of Ricky O

With Vandermeer put on IR (out for a couple of weeks) the Oilers look to make a call to OKC Barons for a suitable replacement. There have been much talk about who will get the call but so far, none have been made. One could guess it will come tomorrow, as OKC Barons plays tonight.

Out of the “possible” players most would list Belle, Plante, Petry and Chorney with Belle being the most likely call (as he’s been up earlier and did ok). Some rumors said Petry would get a first look as he have impressed lately. Other say Plante might get the call as he’s more similar to Vandermeer as a player, did good when recalled last year, been solid in OKC Barons and was thought about when Belle eventually got the call instead. Chorney? Well, guess he got most NHL experience out of the bunch and he’s also done his part in OKC.

Personally I would have like to see Plante given a go (even though I wouldn’t have disliked neither one of Belle and Petry, although Petry doesn’t seem 100% NHL-ready), he looks like something the Oilers could use as a big D-man who’s a right shooter. But tonight it seems Plante got a major setback.

In front of Edmonton Oilers assistant GM Ricky Olczyk, Alex Plante was the final scratch for OKC Barons and Coach Nelson. When asking OKC Barons most up-to-date coverage-writer Ryan Aber he said;

"I’d imagine Todd Nelson is making a point. Not good for Plante’s hopes of a callup though".

And when what Plante might have done to deserve the scratch his reply was..

"Nothing that I noticed last night unless there was something I missed".

Makes for lots of question-marks. Now why would Plante be a healthy scratch when it’s obvious Oilers are in need of a D-man? Nelson might (fine, he does) know something we don’t - but what exactly? Is Plante not even an option, or is Plante getting the call and sitting this one out as precaution? The later feels like long-shot (as OilersJambalaya pointed out), or is it really? I for one can’t make up my min. As far as I know the Oilers might have made a U-turn and are now considering late-cut Petiot as he’s back from injury (and was one out few good players last game).

By this tomorrow we should know the answer. 

Oh, and Chorney just scored his first goal of the season (and did I say Ricky O is watching..?).

Update below:

Ricky Olczyk: “Not sure if we’ll call up a defenseman but obviously that’s one of the reasons I’m down here.”

Hmm.. Oilers management completely satisfied with Strudwick after his +3 performance vs. Blue Jackets? Oh no.

Update 2 below as per Eric Rodgers:

Petry has been making a huge case for himself in front of Ricky O

Update 3 below as per Ryan Aber:

Nelson on scratches (including Alex Plante): “Maybe we needed to send a bit of a message tonight”

As in, Plante didn’t do too well vs. Bulldogs?

Part that, part sending a message that anybody could sit. Said he was playing really well a month ago but hadn’t been as good lately.

What to make out of this? Well, it does seem like Plante, at least for now, likely is out of the picture when it comes to a D-man callup. Should also be noted that the most obvious pick, Belle, haven’t been as good since returning to Oklahoma after his short stint in the Oilers which might worry some decision-makers in Edmonton.

Petry anyone? If any.. starting to get worried we’re supposed to be happy playing Struds (a player I’d rather see as an Oilers assistant coach).