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Omark and another misquote

In this beloved time of the Internet and news travelling across Twitter faster than anyone could ever had imagined just a couple of years ago another interesting item to Oiler (and Barons + Luleå-fans) saw the light today.

Obviously I looked it up and the item and unsurprisingly it was another Omark misquote.

What it said was in fact that he was looking to find a home “hopefully within the near future, but you never know” (how things go). If a lockout should occur, something Omark says he “haven’t been thinking about that much, as I just want to find a home (i.e, a team to play for)”. Another funny thing with the misquote is that it clearly stated that “he will play for Luleå HF of the SEL” when in fact the item reads that if a lockout occurs playing for Luleå is far from a guarantee, but “obviously Luleå comes first in mind, but that’s nothing I’m thinking about at this moment”.

So there it is.. don’t believe in every tweet you read.