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Some quick thoughts on Klefbom by the Swede

It’s been a busy summer.. ..and spring, which might explain my absence. I’ve been moving my life from one place to another (just to have it moved again this autumn). Either way, It’s well about time I got to share some of my thoughts on the last couple of moves the Oilers have made.

First of, the draft.. I wasn’t never rooted for the Oilers to pick RNH, but I do realize we needed a future (possible) star centerman, something we’ve lacked since.. Weight? So even though I’m a Landeskog-fan, I’m supporting our pick for sure. We needed RNH more than we needed Landeskog (also, now Gregor never have to remember how to pronounce it). As my followers on twitter (might) have learned, I’m not a big fan of Larsson, never really understood the hype. Fine, he’s a solid future D for Sweden. I can’t see him ever be near the likes of Lidström and I’ve never really understood why people _always_ seem to compare the two. Also, talk about a boring personality.. he’s good, might become great.. buuut - simply put, Larsson was a player I never wanted the Oilers to pick.

But, we got ourselves another Swede (hooray for me right?), actually - HELL (in Sweden we’re allowed to curse whenever we want to even in mainstream media) YES! My fav. Swedish team in the SEL is Färjestads BK (which actually translates to “The Ball Club of the City of Ferries” (or even funnier, “the City of Color”) - now there’s a dumb name for a hockey-team.. well, any team really) and the team I follow on a day-to-day basis in my own country. In this draft “we” (well, I’ve been a fan of Färjestads BK for the last 20+ish years, so I guess I’m allowed to say “we”) had two D’s, Brodin and a name you’re now all familiar with - Klefbom (pronounced “KLae-bom” - with a slightly longer “o” and a silent f). One thing I’m not so certain Canadians (or Americans) realize is that Färjestads BK is the number one team in Sweden, it’s the most consistent, it has the most stars and as a fan - you’re disappointed if the team doesn’t reach the grand final year in and year out. There is no team in the NHL which you can compare Färjestads BK with.. there isn’t a team in the NHL that dominates their league in similar fashion. With that said, it’s far from easy being a junior and get ice-time with the Swedish champs, for most, it would be a mere impossibility (which oughta explain why Brodin and Klefbom didn’t play a complete season with the club). Both Brodin and Klefbom comes from the ultimate Swedish winning culture and with Klefbom being the bigger one (size-wise) it’s more or less the ultimate pick for the Oilers. While I wouldn’t compare him to Lidström there is still soooo much quality here the Oilers could (and now - will) use in their rebuild. And were Larsson lacks personality, Klefbom is an ace. And as long as he’ll get to learn English properly, that too will be something the Oilers can use. We’re (we as in Oilers) a team in need of strong personalities (which is the main reason I’m really happy Jones got himself a new contract) and in time, Klefbom will add to that as long as he ain’t brought down now when he’s more of a public figure than before the draft.

I’m not gonna ramble on about the fact he’s also great with the puck, plays with an edge that could prove really valuable in the future, and the fact players in Färjestads BK compares Klefbom to a certain Anton Lander (a 17-18 y/o being a leader with authority among men) because you’ve probably read that all before.

Either way - not only am I happy we didn’t pick Larsson, I’m also thrilled we ended up with Klefbom, not only is Stu a magnificent bastard, the pick itself is equally magnificent and I for one wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up being a future fan-favorite among Oil-fans. I doubt he’s NHL-ready as soon as this autumn, but he wouldn’t make a fool out himself in the AHL.

Guess one should start try lobbying to get our big Swede onto Twitter..

Oh.. and I promise not to be slacking as much in the future when it comes to updating the Swedish Oil. At least I’ve settled down for the summer now.
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