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Mr Sensation himself, Omark, checks out YouTube to get pumped up

In a video-interview hosted by a relaxed and happy Omark answered to questions asked by the fans through their Facebook. I transcribed the video and freely translated it (skipped some all Luleå-bits though) for you. The video was recorded during the preseason training with Luleå IF.

And as the YouTube-sensation he is, Omark also looks to YouTube to get pumped up. Who’d have known? But he’s not looking at himself..

Q: What’s your flex and how much do you take in bench press?

Omark: I think the flex on my club is 77 or 75, I don’t know what it is on my Easton club but I think it’s 77. And I take 140 kilos in bench.. ..(laughter).. no, just kidding, 105 maybe.

Q: It’s a higher number in bench than your flex at least?

Omark: Yeah exactly, that’s what most important!

Q: What’s your feeling for this upcoming season?

Omark: It feels good. It’s gonna be fun going to the (training) camp. I’m going over there by the 11th and the camp starts the 17th so I get a couple of days to adjust to the different time zone and then it’s just right back at it to hopefully manage to secure myself a spot.

Q: How do you feel playing for a team that’s investing in such a young team and compete with players such as Hall, Pääjärvi and Smyth?

Omark: It’s inspiring. Our forward depth is really good, young and talented. And we have some more experienced players as well, adding Smyth to the bunch. It’s going to be tough but I’m not gong to be less good then anyone else.

Q: Who would you prefer to play with in the Oilers?

Omark: That doesn’t matter at all, as long as I get to play I’m happy. Obviously it’s fun to play along someone who can score goals, as I did with Harju here in Luleå.

Q: Who did you share your hotel room with when on the road and with whom do you spend the most time with?

Omark: Last year I shared room with Liam Reddox, who’s now playing for Växjo (Lakers). This year.. ..or wait, that I don’t know. Ehrm.. And then.. I spend most time with Pääjärvi. Well, we’re both Swedes so I guess that’s quite logical..

Q: What do you do on a day off in Edmonton?

Omark: You play video games and practice.. or.. wait, on a day off you might not practice.. well, you play video games and just chill out.

Q: Your penalty vs. Tampa (Bay Lightnings). Had you made your mind up what you were going to do or did you decide that once you realized you were going to take one of the penalties?

Omark: Well, when we were heading to penalties I thought to myself that if I’m called upon I’ll do what I did. And when he (Renney) said my name I decided I would go for it.

Q: And the spin-o-rama thing?

Omark: The spin-o-rama.. well, I did it one week earlier in the AHL when we were on the road and I heard the fans there.. so I decided that I had to go with it again.

Q: You’ve been called a YouTube-sensation. Do you watch a lot of YouTube clips yourself? And which is your favorite clip?

Omark: Obviously one checks YouTube but it’s not like it’s an everyday thing. But if someone’s done something I’ll look it up. I like Datsyuk.. ..and I always look at my favorite video, a Foppa (Peter Forsberg) tribute.. I usually look at it once before every game.

Q: What’s so good about that one?

Omark: Well, he does everything and he does it great. He’s my big role model since I was a kid so I get a little pumped up before the games (by watching it).

Q: Speaking of role models.. If you look upon NHL and the Swedish Elite League and compare the two as organizations. What can the SEL learn from the NHL and vice verse?

Omark: Everything is more professional in the NHL, even if it’s good here (in Sweden). Basically you just take the car out to the airport and everything is fixed for you. Perhaps it’s almost too good. But well, I don’t know - I play hockey, I don’t care too much about the other things.

Q: Do you think you’ll be back in Luleå one day?

Omark: You never know, but my goal is to stay in the NHL as long as possible.

Q: How do you see Luleå this year?

Omark: I think they’ll play in the grand final vs. Växjö Lakers.

Q: So it’s going to be tough between you and Liam (Reddox) who’s going to be the most cocky next summer?

Omark: Yeah, hah. No but Växjö have a good team. They have three players (Reddox, Gerber and Moran) I played with last year and they are all three really good players.
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